Lead Generation Best Tactics For Sales Professionals

Lead Generation Best Tactics For Sales Professionals

Successful Lead Generation and pipeline management are essential for sellers to be effective in the “Age of Digital Selling.” There is a plethora of technology at our avail to be deployed to increase the effectiveness of sales professionals. I am excited to share some of the latest tactics I find to drive the most success for modern sellers. It also is interesting that the tactics have evolved, but the key tenants of lead generation remain the same. Sales professionals that remember persistence, timely response to signals, deep pipeline knowledge, and a cadence of outreach even though they are long-lived considerations when they are followed with new technology the net effect for the seller is many months and years exceeding their earning targets.


Immediacy is the idea that when a prospect has filled out your web form and submitted or just opened an email, time is of the essence. Harvard Business Review study showed a salesperson is 60 times more likely to convert when responding within one hour compared to if the sales rep waits 24 hours. With that in mind, it's important to prioritize immediacy in your outreach. Watching your lead’s engagement signals can yield amazing results.

Time is of the essence to increase your chances of successful contact. 


Be patient, methodical, and persistent. Don’t give up. It typically takes 8-12 attempts to reach a busy prospect. We live in a world with an increasing amount of Noise, everyone is searching for a way to break through and make contact. The sales professional that doesn’t give up and keeps pushing to connect will always win.

In this day and age, we are constantly receiving messages and calls and we should take this into account when we are following up with someone.


What is your prospect’s typical schedule? When are they fully engaged in “feeding their kids” it is harder to connect with a client when they are conducting their craft. Ask others in their space what their calendars look like, Learn what times are best to call from this research. I have found some of the best times to call are outside regular business hours. Remember decision-makers are there early and leave late. Some of my best customers agree to a weekend regular call as both of us will be less busy on our respective day-to-day operations.  

Day of the Week

I want to implore you to not treat every day with the same cadence. That type of thinking is for your schedule's benefit, but our customers don’t care about our calendar, they care about theirs. If you are doing the same call, email, outreach cadence Monday thru Friday even a small change to that schedule can yield incredible results. Imagine if a prospect was out of the office every morning, and all you are doing is calling every morning from 8-12. You are missing everyone who takes business calls in the afternoon with this cadence. Always be testing to find out which days of the week are best to drive connects. By the way, Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays are scientifically proven to be the best days for making outbound connections. 

Use the Area Code of the Contact

How many unknown calls do you answer? My bet is not many, I know I don’t. Also, random numbers get blocked by prospects as well. Get a solution to mask your area code, using the area code of the prospect we have found you will get better connections with prospects. Remember in our outreach we are trying to be as familiar as possible to the prospect.

Hire Smart Data

Subscribe to a solution to help you get the best contact data possible for potential prospects. This allows you to have the latest contact information for your prospect list. Linkedin sales navigator is an excellent source of up-to-date prospect data, we have also found Linkedin in-mail messages convert up to 14 times higher than traditional emails.

Create a Cadence of Outreach

Use all the channels available and put HEAT all around the prospect. By building a cadence of outreach that includes phone, email, Linkedin In-mail, text, social connections, and What’s App, you will ensure you are using all the effective channels to build “top of mind” awareness with the prospect. If done correctly you should get messages like this back from prospects “I see you everywhere.” Using all the channels available will help us to stand out from others trying to gain the attention of the prospect. Companies that adopt a 10 - 15 day outreach strategy typically see a marked increase in connections.

Analyze Your Pipeline

Knowing where your prospects are in your pipeline stages will help you be more effective in your outreach efforts.

In order to know how your outreach efforts are going, you need to know where your prospects are in their buyer’s journey. A prospect can be in one of five stages: Qualify, Educate, Validate, Propose, Decision. Understanding these stages will help you tailor outreach more effectively.

Top of the Funnel

Leads are in the research phase, meaning they're gathering information about a company's product or service before they make a purchase decision.

  1. Qualify Stage - Prospect discovers they are entering the market for a product or service
  2. Educate Stage - Prospect begins learning about potential solutions to their problem

Middle of the Funnel

Leads have already taken some interest in your company and might be actively looking for opportunities to understand more about your solution.

  1. Validate Stage

Usually, the buyer has self-educated through various online research channels and is looking to Validate those learnings. Much better chance of actually having a conversation with the prospect at this stage. Keep in mind they are also more likely to be fact-checking your claims vs a competitor at this stage.

  1. Proposal Stage

Congratulations your prospect has asked for a proposal. Keep in mind many will not “ask” for a proposal, you have to be driving towards putting a proposal together to show how you will solve their issues identified in your ongoing needs analysis.

Bottom of the Funnel

The proposal stage blurs the lines between the middle of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel. You may need to take three or four runs at a proposal before you get a decision as negotiations occur at the bottom of the funnel stage. Also, make sure you stay on top of the deal. I have witnessed so many reps that just “Send” the proposal and their follow-up is awful and a competitor gets the business. Make sure you are pretty much glued to the prospect at this stage.

Don’t forget, the bottom of funnel leads will also require multiple outreaches to connect in today’s very busy business environment.

  1. Proposal Stage
  2. Decision Stage

In a world where the amount of time a business has to connect with potential customers is very limited, it becomes increasingly difficult to generate enough prospects at the bottom of the funnel. This is where you need a multi-channel marketing approach.

Your pipeline is your lifeblood! You should lament over it, lose sleep over it, celebrate it, and know every inch of that pipe inside and out.


At the beginning of this article, I made the statement, Successful Lead Generation and pipeline management are essential for sellers to be effective in the Age of Digital Selling.

Sales professionals who achieve Mastery of their craft are the best at lead generation and working with prospects through the stages of the buyer's journey. They also deploy the tactics we have listed to accelerate their deal flow. They always make time for lead generation and have come to LOVE the hunt.

I have come to notice pretty much every seller needs a refresher on lead generation and pipeline management on a quarterly basis. The framework above gives you a place to start, but there are many nuances to lead generation, as the next few weeks of Q1 pass make sure you are paying particular attention to these very important skillsets for sales professionals.

All the best in Exceeding your goals in Q1 and beyond.

I will see you when I see you,

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