Top 10 Traits Most Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Top 10 Traits Most Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

 By George Leith

In my 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, I have worked with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs. 


Over these years, I have seen businesses switch gears from traditional marketing to digital; I've seen the term "Entrepreneurship" becoming the pulse of the population; I’ve also seen the shift in the approach towards scaling, team management, networking, and so on. 


But, a few traits of the most successful entrepreneurs were the same! There is a common pattern in the skills they give a high amount of importance to. 


So, I have put together the top 10 traits that I see as the most vital to being the happiest and most successful entrepreneur. 


Read along!

They are Logical & Calculative


Entrepreneurs have to make multiple decisions in a day, and 70% of them can make a more significant impact on their business. So, being logical and calculative while making the choices is always pivotal in their journey. They set achievable targets and hit them with logical arrows!


Results Are Their Biggest Motivators


No matter how much motivational content they are surrounded with, the most successful business people get motivated by the progress and results they achieve. These results keep them hooked to their long-term goals, and that brings out the best version of themselves. 

Words Reflect Their Confidence & Perseverance


Every entrepreneur has immense trust and confidence in the product or service they offer. But the most successful ones reflect that confidence in every word they say. 


What is the point in trusting your business if you don’t talk about it louder? That’s precisely why the most notable entrepreneurs like <> are outgoing, approachable, and people-persons! 


They don’t promote their business through paid ads or organics all the time, but they walk in and turn every occasion into a networking event!


They Take Calculated Risks


The most renowned entrepreneurs know how and when to take risks that will benefit the business and wellness of their employees. They take risks but don’t make impulsive decisions that will make them regret later.


Sometimes, risks can make irreversible impacts, too. Not only do they think about the results a timely risk can bring in but also the downside of impulsive risks. 


So, they don’t take risks but take calculative ones!

They Are The Go-getters


The most famous entrepreneurs know that opportunities don’t knock on their doors with a bouquet of roses. If they need something, they have to go out and seize it because no one else will. 


This is why most of the new-age entrepreneurs emphasize the idea of working on their dream by themselves, spending every ounce of their energy, and validating their business idea. Because the most successful ones know that they have to build from scratch, and that’s an ultimate reflection of work ethic!


They also know that standing out from the crowd doesn't happen overnight but takes years of consistent effort. 

Creativity And Innovation Are Their Best Friends


I agree that they are not a given. But the most famous entrepreneurs understand that the juiciest ideas can bring the highest return on their business. So, they befriend "creativity and innovation" to bring out the best product/service that their audience needs. 


Also, we can’t deny that creative bosses inspire their employees to be creative, too. So, when the entire team gets into the creative groove, the businesses soar high!

Failures Don’t Tremble Them


Everyone faces rejections and failures in their entrepreneurial journey, but a few face it with patience and perseverance. Even the innovative ideas are rejected by VCs and said no to by the board. But those who never quit, make it to the top!


That's why I say that patience is the road that the world knows exists but only the most determined dare to take! 

They Never Say, “I don’t have time….”


...But make time for essential tasks. 


This sounds cliche because it’s true. Undoubtedly, the most successful entrepreneurs are the most passionate beings. Waking up and working on the ideas they love is the best part of their day. So, how will they run out of time for it?

Networking Is Indispensable To Them


In the entrepreneurial journey, people value people. People trust people. Building good relationships with like-minded people can move mountains for businesses. The most crucial business factor is that they are built on human connections. So, the most successful entrepreneurs I have seen are naturally charismatic and are easy to be around. 

They Are Versatile Beings

It goes without saying that every entrepreneur has to wear multiple hats and take different shapes. But the most successful ones are the most versatile and brilliant salespeople. Even though they carry multiple taglines, they are the first salesperson their business needs. 


These are the ten classic traits of a successful business person who knows how to reach their target audience and stay on top of their minds. 


But here’s my two cents. You don’t have to own a business to be a successful entrepreneur. Even if you’re one of the hundred salespeople, you’re thriving as one. You pick the bricks for the entrepreneurs to build their empires.


Have you noticed any other traits that you’d want to share with me? Drop a comment in the community or send me a message on Linkedin.

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